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Description of our main activities for the center


OCRCC’s main activity is the continuous collection of data and specimens from oral cancer patients from all the participating hospital-based centres all over the country for future research endeavor in the field of oral cancer. This centre is made up of a renowned team of experts involved in the management and care of oral cancer patients such as surgeons, oncologist, pathologist, public health epidemiologist and scientists all working together for common goal of reducing the burden and impact of this disease on the Malaysian populations.

Currently, the Centre is actively conducting research activities through collaborations and partnership with other research institutions, both local and overseas in their effort to make OCRCC a resource centre for oral cancer in Asia Pacific region.

In summary :

  • Data and specimen collection from all participating centres.
  • Extraction DNA/RNA for nucleic acid banking and research in collaboration with CARIF.
  • Extraction of data for analysis & research as requested by collaborators.
  • Paper writing.
  • Present papers at national and international conferences or seminar.
  • Organization of seminars/training workshop.
  • Organizing Mouth Cancer Awareness Week

Research activities :

  • Ongoing collection of data and specimen
  • Additional specimen collection in some centres: saliva, buccal cells
  • Extraction DNA/RNA for nucleic acid banking and research (in collaboration with CARIF)
  • Processing data and specimen request from collaborators and postgrad students
  • Providing technical advise and clinical expertise for postgrad student projects
  • Management of database and tissue banks including specimen tracking
  • Presenting papers at national and international conferences/seminars
  • Paper writing
  • Organization of seminar/conferences



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