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About : Mouth Cancer Awareness Week

Mouth Cancer Awareness Week (MCAW) - Click here for MCAW 2015 -


  The Oral Cancer Research and Coordinating Centre (OCRCC) was established to mainly conduct and coordinate research on oral cancer in Malaysia. This research centre was also set-up to be the disseminating centre for information on this disease. Various programmes such as seminars, workshop, and forums have been organised annually to keep up with the objectives of this centre.

  A mouth cancer awareness week is an annual event carried out by the centre with the aim to increase public awareness on oral cancer. Oral cancer is a largely preventable disease as it usually occurs in visible areas of the oral cavity and influenced by certain social habits. Therefore, it is important to inform the public on early signs and risk factors of oral cancer.

  The oral cancer awareness week was initiated in year 2006 where one week in mid-November is dedicated to carry out activities that will increase public awareness on the disease. This week have became a important event in the centre’s calender where activities such as mouth screening and poster exhibition will be carried out throughout the week at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya and various Ministry of Health dental clinics.

Mouth Cancer Awareness Week Walkathon


  A Mouth Cancer Awareness Week Walkathon will be held to officiate the begining of the Mouth Cancer Awareness Week. It is approximately a 5 km walk aimed to show support to efforts carried out in combatingoral cancer. During the walkathon various activities such as free dental and medical examination, other exhibitions dedicated to increase public awareness on oral cancer will be held. Participants who are interested to take part in this walk are can buy a t-shirt designed specifically for the walk and commemorative collar pins. Proceeds from t-shirt and collar pin sales will be used to carry out awareness programmes and research activities to improve management of oral cancer patients and to reduce incidence of oral cancer in Malaysia. The Malaysian public are welcomed to participate in this walk. By participating in this event the public will also be adequately educated and acurately informed on oral cancer related issues. With this, information can be disseminated to the general public in hope that the incidence of oral cancer can be reduced.




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